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  • Oceanos mais ácidos provocam perda de olfacto nos peixes
    Uma equipa de investigadores, que integra membros do CCMAR, acaba de publicar um estudo onde se conclui que os peixes estão a perder capacidade olfactiva devido à acidificação dos oceanos.
  • ATT: Ecopath with Ecosim Courses
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Raquel Gaião Silva, estudante de Mestrado da UAlg, acaba de ser distinguida com o Prémio Jovens Investigadores 2018, como resultado da sua participação no projeto do Centro de Ciências do Mar: Marine Forests.
Pedro Frade samples a polyp of a completely bleached Lobophyllia coral colony in the shallows.
A new study led by the CCMAR researcher Pedro Frade demonstrates that the recent mass coral bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef also affected deep reefs.
A research team from CCMAR is carrying out two important workpackages, that are considered very important for the european aquaculture project: medAID.

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Ecopath with Ecosim (EwE) is a free ecosystem modelling software suite widely used in marine ecology. EwE includes three main components: Ecopath – a static, mass-balanced snapshot of the system;...
The use of phylogenetic methods to reconstruct the evolutionary history of molecular sequences is a vital part of biological research. These methods underpin studies on the evolution and epidemiology...
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João Saraiva is going to re-join CCMAR, leading a new research group focused in Ethology and Welfare. Welcome back João!
Tatiana Varela is working within the Comparative, Adaptive and Functional Skeletal Biology group at CCMAR. Welcome Tatiana!
CCMAR as partner of EMBRC/Assemble+ participated in the Ocean Sampling Day initiative (OSD2018) as a joint research activity “Genomic Observatories”. The OSD2018 event, is a continuation of the successful worldwide coordinated...


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by C. Fazenda; G. Martins; P.J. Gavaia; M.L. Cancela; N. Conceição
by V.P. Roberto; G. Martins; A. Pereira; S. Rodrigues; A. Grenha; W. Pinto; M.L. Cancela; J. Dias; P.J. Gavaia
by R. Rodríguez-Solana; J.Dias Carlier; M.Clara Costa; A. Romano