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Um vídeo que mostra um pouco do trabalho de jovens investigadores e que ilustra como é ser Doutorando no CCMAR.
Researcher from CCMAR of the University of Algarve receives the prestigious 2017 Marine Fellow prize from the Pew Foundation of the USA
Ester Serrão, a research scientist at the Algarve Centre of Marine Science (CCMAR) and associate professor at the University of the Algarve, was one of 11 international scientists and conservationists...
New species to science identified the Algarve coast
They are species of kinorhyncha phylum, first described in Portugal, two of them are completely new to science and have been found in samples taken on the Algarve coast ...
The digital version of the first map of the algarvian coast is already available for download.
The application of population genomics to fisheries management
The Foresight Workshop is designed to bring together fisheries management practitioners, stakeholders involved in fisheries policy making and governance, as well as genomic scientists to facilitate interaction and promote synergistic activities aimed...


Um grupo de investigadores do Centro de Ciências do Mar (CCMAR) acaba de publicar na revista Scientific Reports, do grupo Nature, um estudo sobre o efeito da acidificação dos oceanos causado pelo aumento global de CO2 numa erva marinha muito abundante na Ria Formosa, a Cymodocea nodosa.


Elsa Cabrita will talk about Cryopreservation of Germ cells for the production of marine species, at CCMAR Seminars by Izasa Scientific, on 31st of May.

Don't miss this seminar!


The team BEE (Biogeographical Ecology and Evolution) studies patterns and processes mediating population biology from ecological to evolutionary scales.

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Os 26 anos do CCMAR!
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