EMSO-PT project completes first tests for the surface profiler | - CCMAR -

EMSO-PT project completes first tests for the surface profiler


The first component of EMSO-PT Cadiz station was successfully tested off the coast of Olhão, Algarve. The tests were performed on one of IPMA’s vessels, the RV Diplodus, and carried out by our centre, which is one of the members of EMSO-PT. Our researchers Paulo Relvas and Carlos Sousa were responsible for the tests carried out. 

The equipment comprises of a water profiler called a “Wirewalker” that moves along the water column collecting measurements of various parameters. The profiler measures temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen turbidity and chlorophyll-A at down to 150 m water depth.

This test was mainly conducted to identify potential complications that may occur with the operation of the equipment and its installation. The test also made it possible to observe the operation of the equipment in conditions closer to the final installation, as well as to train and familiarize the entire scientific and technical team with the launch and recovery procedures.

This is the first equipment of its kind to be installed on the Portuguese coast by the end of the year and it allows monitoring one of the most sensitive regions of the coastal ocean, where oceanographic structures are developed with a high impact on the functioning of the ecosystem.