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Untangling the ecology and evolution of nudibranch mimicry systems

Segunda, 26 Julho, 2021
Online | Zoom platform

Mimicry has evolved multiple times across the tree of life, it is maintained by both evolutionary and ecological mechanisms and it contributes to speciation through the generation of adaptive phenotypic diversity. While these processes have been extensively studied in terrestrial taxa, less is known about mimicry in marine systems. Here, I discuss mimicry systems in a family of brightly coloured and toxic nudibranchs (Chromodorididae) where multiple polychromatic species have recently been discovered. I discuss the geographic range and taxonomic breadth of this mimicry and I use genome-wide data to provide evidence for multiple scenarios of mimicry evolution in this group. I further discuss how future work will look to identify the genomic basis of mimicry.


The seminar will be held on July 26, at 13:30, online via Zoom platform.
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About our speaker:

Kara Layton is a lecturer in Marine Biology, previously a postdoctoral fellow at Ocean Frontier Institute in Canada & PhD in Marine Biology, University of Western Australia.




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