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A transparent way to bridge the gap between science, policy and industry

Quarta, 8 Novembro, 2023
University of Algarve, Gambelas Campus - Complexo Pedagógico, Anfiteatro D | Zoom

The seminar provides an introduction into the difficulty to bridge science with policy from the point of view of a maritime administrator. It is based on a selection of publications and real examples and tries to answer questions or provide inside into the following: 1) Can risk profiling of vessels be improved?, 2) How to improve asset allocations to mitigate risk exposure?, 3) How to detect potential dangerous situations?, 4) How effective is the legislative framework? and 5) Do changes in the economy increase risk exposure? Relevant background is provided to understand the research questions on hand, the methods and philosophy used to introduce change and practical application examples to demonstrate how research outcomes can be used in practice by regulators or industry.


Este seminário decorrerá no dia 8 de novembro, às 13h30, na Universidade do Algarve, Campus de Gambelas - Complexo Pedagógico, Anfiteatro D, e também online, por Zoom.
A participação é gratuita, mas de inscrição obrigatória.




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Dr Knapp is a self-motivated, innovative and strategic thinking maritime professional with a unique background spanning across industry and academia.


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