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Molecular biology tools applied to aquaculture industry

Quarta, 6 Novembro, 2019
Room 2.31a | Building 7 UAlg | Campus Gambelas


The Aquaculture Research Station in Olhão (EPPO) stands out for the unique experimental conditions on aquaculture at the national level. This marine core facility is equipped to carry out production studies at every scale from bench-top laboratory to a much larger semi-industrial level. During the last decades, the molecular biology tools available for marine organisms experienced significant improvements and can be used to investigate diseases, genetics, nutrition in the aquaculture industry.


About our speaker:

Cátia Marques is a biochemist and holds a PhD in Biomedical Sciences. Since 2015 is a researcher at EPPO - Aquaculture Research Station / IPMA - Portuguese Institute of the Ocean and Atmosphere, in the field of molecular biology.



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