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A changing ocean for future fish

Quarta, 16 Outubro, 2019
Sala 2.31a | Edifício 7 I Gambelas Campus


Anthropogenic  CO2 released in the atmosphere has been increasing in the past two centuries; the excess of heat and   CO2   is absorbed by the ocean, leading to an increasingly warmer and more acidified ocean. Here we address the consequences of warming and acidification on marine fish. Can growth, behaviour and physiology be affected by temperatures of  +2°  or  3°C?  Do acidified waters mean trouble for fish?    And which other environmental constraints can add to the pressure of fish living in a future ocean.


About our speaker:

Ana Filipa Lopes is a marine ecologist, and PhD student at MARE-ISPA and Gothenburg University, with a research focus on the effects of climate change on marine ecosystems.


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