New on Board: Teresa Pimenta | CCMAR
CCMAR é o único parceiro português em dois projetos europeus de Aquacultura
O Centro de Ciências do Mar (CCMAR) é parceiro em dois grandes projetos, financiados pela União Europeia, através de fundos H2020, o PerformFISH e o MedAID. Ambos os projetos serão desenvolvidos por equipas do CCMAR, durante os próximos anos.
1ª Conferência de Biologia Marinha dos Países de Língua Portuguesa: Uma ponte entre mares
Um encontro para investigadores e interessados em Biologia Marinha, totalmente em língua portuguesa.
Aquaexcel2020 - The 8th Call for Access is OPEN
The 8th Call for Access is OPEN, with an application deadline of 12 December 2017.

New on Board: Teresa Pimenta


Teresa Pimenta started to work with us on August. She will work at EMBRC.PT and CCMAR as Legal Officer.
Welcome Teresa!


Tell us a bit about the work you’ll be doing at CCMAR.

As a legal officer of CCMAR, I will handle all its legal issues, spanning between several subjects like public procurement and contracts, intellectual property and institutional agreements. My main goal is to make CCMAR a more compliant and law-abiding organization, where everyone working on it can feel protected and optimistic about the outcome of their scientific work.

What were you doing before you joined us?

I was working as a lawyer on a law firm. The myriad of tasks I had in hands could vary from family affairs or criminal cases to insolvency proceedings. That thriving environment gave me the necessary self-discipline to embrace all types of tasks despite deadlines or complexity constraints.

What interests and hobbies do you enjoy when you are not doing science?

Besides my natural passion for reading and creative writing, I try to travel as much as possible to be able to absorb new cultures, ideas and lifestyles.


Location: CCMAR (bldg 7 - office 2.90) at Gambelas Campus - UAlg