New on Board: João Saraiva | - CCMAR -

New on Board: João Saraiva


João Saraiva is going to re-join CCMAR, leading a new research group focused in Ethology and Welfare. 
Welcome back João!


Tell us a bit about the work you will be doing at CCMAR.
I will be leading the Fish Ethology and Welfare group, resulting from an agreement between CCMAR and the NGO fair-fish international. CCMAR will be our host. We develop our activity in 4 branches:  Research; Consultancy;  Training and 
Open-access database for fish welfare. Our team is composed of 6 members, with over 100 publications combined in fish biology, ecology and behaviour.

What were you doing before you re-joined us?
I’ve been doing research in behavioural biology of fish for the past 15 years, initially at ISPA followed by CCMAR and recently in the project FishEthoBase in Switzerland. I am currently involved in the CAREFISH project with Friend Of the Sea, which aims to develop welfare criteria for farmed fish and is funded in 450.000 USD. Joining forces with CCMAR will certainly boost this endeavour!

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?
I’ve been surfing and travelling most of my life and I am a confessed snowboard addict. I was also a professional DJ for many years. But my latest craze is fatherhood – I am a proud father of a young baby girl!