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New on Board: Godefroy Devevey


Godefroy is working at the business unit of the and started on october.
Welcome Godefroy!


Tell us a bit about the work you’ll be doing at CCMAR.
My mission in CCMAR is to help researchers to successfully develop sources of institutional funding in line with the defined strategic aims of the institute. The diversity and complexity of funding schemes is a challenge for researchers, and I am here to provide timely information about potential sources of funding, to coordinate the efforts of all teams, and to assist in the application process.

What were you doing before you joined us?
I am a scientist with passion and education in ecology. During my academic career, I had the opportunity to work at several renowned research institutions in France, Switzerland, USA, UK and Germany. For my previous appointment, I was the scientific coordinator of the doctoral school at iDiv-the German Center for Integrative Biodiversity Research, because doctoral education is one of my sidelines.

What interests and hobbies do you enjoy when you are not doing science?
II was an ecologist before I can remember it being trendy, and I still live my passion in my free time. I enjoy sharing with friends and family the complex things of life such as the magnificence of the feathers of a dull-looking finch, the good taste of homegrown tomatoes or the sound of waves in a shell. I am also committed for sustainability practices and thus participate to associations.  


Location: CCMAR (bldg 7 - office 3.3) at Gambelas Campus - UAlg