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NEW ON BOARD: César Nicolás Rodríguez Díaz


1. Tell us a bit about the work you’ll be doing at CCMAR. 

I will be working in the CINNAMOW project (PTDC/MAR-PRO/3396/2014), whose objective is to reconstruct Late Pliocene-Early Pleistocene (~3.4 to ~2.1 Million years ago) climatic and oceanographic conditions at the Iberian Margin through the analysis of the IODP Site U1391 sediments. The Pliocene-Pleistocene transition represents one of the major climate changes in the history of planet Earth. I will be studying benthic foraminifera assemblages with the aim to infer glacial/interglacial changes in bottom water conditions and dynamics during this climate transition. 


2. What were you doing before you joined us? 

I studied a bachelor’s degree in Geology at the University of Salamanca, and I have been studying a Master in Advanced Paleontology at the Complutense University of Madrid. For the last two months I also have been doing an Erasmus+ traineeship at Instituto Português do Mar e da Atmosfera (IPMA) of Lisbon working in the CINNAMOW project. 


3. What do you enjoy doing outside of work?  

I really enjoy listening to music, playing the guitar and singing and of course travelling and spending my time in nature.