ATT: R for Absolute Beginners (6th Edition) | CCMAR
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ATT: R for Absolute Beginners (6th Edition)

Segunda, 4 Junho, 2018 a Terça, 5 Junho, 2018
Room 1.63 (bldg 1) Universidade do Algarve - Campus de Gambelas

R is a powerful statistical computing language, widely used among scientists for quick and reproducible data analysis. Its main advantages are (i) the fact that it runs easily on all computer platforms, and (ii) there are many biology­related packages deposited in freely available repositories, such as Bioconductor. The course is equivalent to 1 European ECTS  credits.





Ramiro Magno is a biologist working in Theoretical Biology over 12 years. His research has been mainly focused on the mathematical modelling of early embryonic development, using Mathematica, R, Bash and Perl. He is an active developer of free scientific packages ­ one for R and one for Mathematica. He is also an IEFP certified trainer, with experience in teaching Bioinformatics.

Isabel Duarte is a biologist with over 10 years’ experience in Computational Biology. She is also an IEFP certified trainer, with experience in teaching R, Bioinformatics, Bash, Perl and mySQL. Her research interests range from studying the phylogenetic evolution of the eukaryotic cell, to the more applied study of stem cell differentiation. Finally, she is a strong supporter of using open software, hence she uses Linux for all scientific work.



04th-05th June 2018


Room 1.63 (bldg 1) Universidade do Algarve - Campus de Gambelas

Registration Fee

Student 10€

Academic 30€

Non­-academic 60€

Registration does not include travel and lodging.



Detailed Programme

The workshop will be divided into 2 full day sessions. It will gently introduce you to the R language, using RStudio as the development platform, and will cover some basic graphical functions and elementary descriptive statistics. The whole workshop will be hands­-on oriented. Participants taking the optional final exam get a certificate with evaluation.


No prior R knowledge is required, but bring your own laptop with RStudio installed.


This workshop is a hands­-on introduction to R, aimed at absolute beginners.

Target Audience

Academia and Industry.





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