MSc. Research Fellowship Advertisement – 1 vacancy (MSc.) (Ref. ª: CCMAR/BI/0005/2017) | CCMAR
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MSc. Research Fellowship Advertisement – 1 vacancy (MSc.) (Ref. ª: CCMAR/BI/0005/2017)

The Centre for Marine Sciences (CCMAR) in the Algarve, Portugal, opens a position for a MSc. Researcher fellowship (BI-MSc.) in the project with the reference PTDC/MAR-EST/3223/2014 named " Valuation of the ecosystem services delivered by Ria Formosa lagoon " financed by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology - FCT/MCTES (PIDDAC) under the following conditions:


Tasks to perform:

  • Bibliographic review on the valuation of ecosystem services (ES) of coastal ecosystems.
  • Data collection, including stakeholder surveys, development of ES indicators and ES mapping.
  • Modeling with InVEST Software ("Integrated Valuation of Environmental Services and Tradeoffs", Natural Capital Project).
  • Treatment and analysis of data and preparation of reports.


Scientific orientation:

Professor Maria Loureiro, Professor at the  University of Santiago de Compostela and Professor Rui Orlando Pimenta Santos, Professor at the University of Algarve and researcher at CCMAR.


Work place:

CCMAR in Portugaland University of Santiago de Compostela in Spain.



  1. Master Degree in Economy or related field.
  2. Knowledge of data analysis software, for instance R.
  3. Full domain of the English Language both written and spoken.


Evaluation criteria:

  1. Master Degree final grade (30%);
  2. Work experience in the valuation of ecosystem services, particularly of coastal ecosystems (30%);
  3. Experience using statistical techniques and data analysis (20%);
  4. Previous international experience (20%).


The selection jury will exercise the right to contact and interview candidates should they require further information or clarification about their application. In the event that no applicant has the necessary profile, the jury reserves the right to close the call without any recruitment.

During the fellowship, and in the event that the fellowship holder should resign, the jury reserves the right, upon convenience and opportunity, to assign the fellowship to the next applicant in accordance with the ranking position of the selection jury.


Grant conditions: The grant will have an initial duration of 12 months, starting in May 2017. The fellowship may be renewed until the end of the project,  and must be undertaken exclusively, according to the Portuguese Law 40/2004, of 18 of August (Scientific Research Fellowship holder statutes) and the Fellowship Regulation of the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology, FCT,  and the rules of CCMAR research grants  .


Monthly maintenance allowance: A maintenance allowance of 980€/net (tax free) will be paid each month through inter-bank transfer in accordance with the grant amounts set by the Fellowship Regulation of the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology in force  (980€/month – BI – MSc.) .


Application period:  09 of March to 19 of April 2017.


Application documents:. The application should include a Letter of Motivation (that details the candidates experience in each requirement and evaluation criterion), a copy of the candidates MSc. certificate, a detailed Curriculum Vitae, and the email addresses of 3 referees.


Application Submission: applications should be submitted by email, indicating the reference, Refª CCMAR/BI/0005/2017, to (note that we can only accept applications sent through this email). You should consider your application as correctly submitted only after receiving an email confirmation from CCMAR.


Results: The judgement of the selection committee will be communicated in writing within 45 working days after the application deadline.


Selection Committee:

Professor Rui Orlando Pimenta Santos, Professor at Algarve University and Researcher at CCMAR (President of the jury); Professor Maria Loureiro, Professor at Santiago de Compostela University  (member)  and Dr. João Silva, Researcher at CCMAR (member).


CCMAR’s non-discrimination and equal access opportunities policy

No candidate can be privileged, benefited, jeopardised or deprived of any right or exempt of any claim in regards to descendent, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, economic situation, origin, social economy, genetic heritage, disability, chronic disease, nationality, ethnicity, territory of origin, language, religion, politics and ideological beliefs and union membership.


April, 3rd ,  2017