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CCMar holds regular seminars where top scientists from Portugal and abroad talk about their work. The main topics vary widely: genomics, conservation, biodiversity, chemistry, aquaculture, biomedicine, fisheries.

The ordinary seminars occur on Wednesdays, 13h30. Ocasionally special seminars occur. The seminars can be followed live here.

Izasa scientific sponsors the CCMar seminars since 2016.


List of the 2017 seminars

Seminars 2017
Scientist Title of the CCMAR Seminar by Izasa Scientific Interview Seminar's video  
Carla Viegas Unveiling the dual role of Gla-rich protein (GRP) in the crosstalk between inflammation and calcification in pathological processes     28/06/2017
Alexandra Teodósio Estuarine invasions and riverine habitat changes due to altered flow regime     21/06/2017
Luísa Barreira The XtremeGourmet Project: “Extremophile plants in Gourmet cuisine” link   14/06/2017
Steven Purcell Principles and science of stocking sea cucumbers into the sea     12/06/2017
Steven Purcell Drivers of overfishing and extinction risks in coastal reef fisheries: a global case study link   07/06/2017
Elsa Cabrita Cryopreservation of Germ cells for the production of marine species link   31/05/2017
Catarina Certal CONGENTO, the Consortium for Genetically Tractable Organisms: providing advanced services for mice, zebrafish and drosophila link   24/05/2017
João Neiva Reticulate evolution in fucoid seaweed radiations link   10/05/2017
Gonçalo Calado Monitoring  biodiversity in sunken vessels of the Ocean Revival project link   03/05/2017
Martin Embley CCMAR Seminars by Izasa: Eukaryotic Origins in a New Tree of Life     26/04/2017
Nuno Veloso link   19/04/2017
Jorge Palma link   12/04/2017
Mafalda Rangel All together now! Participation in fisheries management link   05/04/2017
Rita Costa Physiology of homeostasis and repair of skin in teleost link   29/03/2017
Irene Olivé Seagrass responses to high-CO2 in volcanic vents, linking gene-expression and productivity link link 22/03/2017
Rui A. Gonçalves Mycotoxins in aquaculture: an overlooked risk? link link 15/03/2017

Gil Martins and Aldric Negrier

3D printing: leading science beyond link link 08/03/2017
Brooke Porter

Artisanal fisheries and supplemental livelihoods through tourism: lessons from the philippines

link link 02/03/2017
Jorge Gonçalves

Fisheries research at CCMAR: interactions with society

link link 22/02/2017
Oscar Ferreira

An Early Warning System and a Decision Support System for coastal storm impacts

link link 15/02/2017
Paulo Gavaia

Vitamin K in Fish Skeletal Biology

link link 8/02/2017
Lurdes Cristiano

Targeting the bc1 complex of Plamodium falciparum; structure and antimalarial activity of selected quinolone

link  link 25/01/2017
Thomas Jung

Phytophthora and halophytophthora species - an increasing threat to terrestrial and marine ecosystems on a global scale

link   18/01/2017