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Acronym Title Coordinator Start End Funding Budget CCMAR
EuroMarine Integration of European Marine Research Networks
LuandaWaterFront LuandaWaterFront - "Luanda Bay Ecological Assessment: A waterfront based approach to reduce environmental risks and increase quality of life Alexandra Teodósio 09/2018 08/2021
SourUnion SourUnion.: Análise da interacção entre o porta-enxerto laranjeira azeda e a variedade enxertada que provoca o declínio dos citrinos na presença do Citrus tristeza vírus Deborah Power 11/2018 11/2021
CINNAMOW Tracking Mediterranean Outflow Water impact on North Atlantic circulation and climate during the initiation of the Northern Hemisphere glaciation Montserrat Garcia 05/2016 04/2019
MuDi Accounting for multiple levels of biodiversity under contemporary climatic change Katy Nicastro 01/2015 02/2020
ANA ANA - Biodiversity monitoring in the Ria Formosa (Ludo area) - Airport of Faro Jorge Manuel dos Santos Gonçalves 01/2015 12/2018
PATHAA Mitigation of global warming effects on fish viability via nutritional programming Sofia Engrola 06/2015 05/2020
PerformFISH 'Consumer driven Production: Integrating Innovative Approaches for Competitive and Sustainable Performance across the Mediterranean Aquaculture Value Chain - PerformFISH Adelino Vicente Mendonça Canario 05/2017 04/2022
FISHODOR Integrating conspecific odors into tilapia reproductive behavior - FISHODOR Adelino Vicente Mendonça Canario 06/2017 05/2020
EMSO-PT EMSO-PT.: Observatório Europeu Multidisciplinar do Fundo do Mar e Coluna de Água - Portugal Paulo Relvas 07/2017 06/2020