Projetos | - CCMAR -
Acrónimo Título Coordenador Início Fim Financiamento Orçamento CCMAR
SeaForest Portugal SeaForest Portugal Ester Serrão 09/2019 05/2022
BridgingAll Bridging university and schools by ocean science Rute Sofia Tavares Martins, Rita Costa Abecasis 10/2021 06/2023
EEA Grants - Programa Crescimento Azul
MuDi Accounting for multiple levels of biodiversity under contemporary climatic change Katy Nicastro 01/2015 02/2020
PATHAA Mitigation of global warming effects on fish viability via nutritional programming Sofia Engrola 06/2015 05/2020
RI-VIS Increasing visibility of research infrastrutures Adelino Vicente Mendonça Canario 02/2019 01/2022
CLIMA-PESCA Vulnerability of the fisheries sector to climate change: adaptation adaptation Francisco Leitão 06/2020 12/2022
ANA ANA - Biodiversity monitoring in the Ria Formosa (Ludo area) - Airport of Faro Jorge Manuel dos Santos Gonçalves 01/2015 12/2018
PerformFISH 'Consumer driven Production: Integrating Innovative Approaches for Competitive and Sustainable Performance across the Mediterranean Aquaculture Value Chain - PerformFISH Adelino Vicente Mendonça Canario 05/2017 04/2022
CRUSTAPANHA Study of the ecology, biology and population dynamics of small crabs with commercial interest existing along the Portuguese coast Francisco Leitão 05/2018 09/2021
MARAFRICA MARAFRICA - A network monitoring, integrating and assessing marine biodiversity data along the west Africa to understand, predict and mitigate climatic / oceanographic changes. Ester Serrão
AKDN foundation (AGA KHAN)