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Fish Ethology and Welfare Group

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We conduct research on ethology and welfare of aquatic animals. Other activities include developing an open-access database on the welfare of farmed fish, providing consultancy services for fish farms and organizing training actions at scientific and industry levels.




The Fish Ethology and Welfare Group develops its activity in 4 main pillars:

  • Fundamental research on the ethology and welfare of aquatic animals (namely fish), including not only proximate mechanisms underlying behaviour such as endocrinology, neurobiology and transcriptomics, but also ultimate mechanisms such as ecology, evolution, adaptation and selection;
  • An open-access database on welfare of farmed aquatic animals , reviewing essential welfare criteria for all aquatic animal species currently farmed worldwide;
  • Consultancy for fish farms with the aim of establishing welfare standards for aquaculture;
  • Advanced training (conferences, workshops and courses) concerning the welfare of fish.

The Fish Ethology and Welfare Group stems from a collaboration between the Swiss NGO fair-fish International and CCMAR. Fair-fish has been involved in campaigning, research and consultancy in welfare in fisheries and fish farming since 1997, and currently provides the funding for the personnel involved in the group. CCMAR became the institutional host of the research team in October 2018.




Membros atuais (ver em tabela)
Coordinator Posição
Joao L. Saraiva Researcher
Other Past Members 
Pablo Arechavala-López (IMEDEA/CSIC, Spain)
Jenny Volstorf
Sebastian Scholz
Billo Heinzpeter-Studer
Membros atuais (ver em grelha)
Retrato de Pablo Arechavala Lopez
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Evento Científico
A 3ª edição do Summer Shoal tem como objetivo reunir stakeholders interessados no "fish world" e integrar perspectivas frequentemente percebidas como antagónicas, de modo a identificar caminhos...
Ter, 10/09/2019 a Sex, 13/09/2019
Ria Formosa
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Next week, November 8nd, at 1:30 pm on Amph. 1.8 (bd8).
Qua, 08/11/2017
Anf.1.8 ( bd 8) - Gambelas Campus UAlg
Os cientistas já sabiam que muitas espécies usam a comunicação química nas suas interações sociais, mas num estudo recentemente publicado na revista Scientific Reports, um grupo de investigadores do Centro de Ciências do Mar, dá...
João Saraiva is going to re-join CCMAR, leading a new research group focused in Ethology and Welfare. Welcome back João!
RESEARCH TREND ALERT: Now that eco-concerns have pushed the agenda towards sustainable aquaculture, it is time to address welfare in fish farming.
O investigador do CCMAR, João Saraiva, apresentou o seu trabalho no European Maritime Day 2019.