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Aquaculture Research Group

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Sofia Engrola
Elsa Cabrita
sustainable aquaculture
fish nutrition
reproductive biology
marine biomedicine
blue biotechnology
circular economy
blue economy

The Aquaculture Research Group (Aquagroup) is a multidisciplinary team integrating biological, physiological and omics competences to tackle some of the evolving challenges facing the aquaculture industry.

Key areas of research:

  • Early Nutrition: Nutrient fluxes, Biomarkers, Metabolic programming

  • Reproductive biotechnology: Cryobanking, Gamete quality, Reproduction management


The group provides knowledge:

  • on understanding the role of physiology and nutrition impacts on animal resilience, welfare, and reproductive performance;

  • on improving animal robustness through tailored feeds for species, seasons, and practices;

  • on enhancement of animal performance through the use of biomarkers;

  • on providing new insights in the improvement of germline quality by tackling knowledge gaps on broodstock management, gamete production and cryostorage.

The development, optimization, and implementation of successful farming techniques for new aquaculture species, namely sole (Solea senegalensis) have assumed a central role in research activities. The research conducted at Aquagroup integrated global priorities such as innovation, circular economy, and resources sustainability, enabling a solid foundation to strengthen the European blue economy.