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During the conference week, our researchers participated in several events that highlighted the importance of preserving and conserving the oceans and marine life.
The winning project, led by Jorge Gonçalves and Ana Marçalo researchers from CCMAR and the University of Algarve, aimed to reduce the conflicts between fisheries and protected marine species, especially dolphins.
On this trip, our researchers presented the LittleFish-STP project which aims to study the little fish and capacitate local communities, fishermen and government about the management of this and other threatened fish species.
An important study conducted by our researchers relates, for the first time, the targets set by the Paris Agreement and North Atlantic commercial fisheries.
O CCMAR acaba de lançar, em conjunto com a DGRM, o projeto PESCARDATA2. Nesta primeira fase do projeto, é solicitado aos pescadores lúdicos que preencham um questionário sobre a sua atividade.
The LIFE Ilhas-Barreira project was recently presented and the Centre for Marine Sciences (CCMAR) is one of the project partners and has the task of working with fishermen to reduce conflicts between this activity and some...