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Luca Antoni is starting to work at CCMAR this month! Welcome Luca!
Lucas Martinez Ramirez is joining the Minouw Project team during next months. Welcome Lucas!
Maria Scheel has just finished her MSc Degree and is going to work at the Biogeographical Ecology and Evolution Group. Welcome Maria!
João Saraiva is going to re-join CCMAR, leading a new research group focused in Ethology and Welfare. Welcome back João!
Débora Varela is collaborating with the Bioskel group at CCMAR. Welcome Débora!
Tatiana Varela is working within the Comparative, Adaptive and Functional Skeletal Biology group at CCMAR. Welcome Tatiana!
Débora Varela is collaborating with the Bioskel Group at CCMAR. Welcome Débora!
Cláudia is joining us to work with Molecular Biology! Welcome Cláudia!
Chloé Placines is joining Marine Biotechnology group. Welcome Chloé!