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In Portugal and in most EU and worldwide countries the information on the impact of climate change on exploited resources is inexistent. In this study, researchers studied the role of climate change in fisheries in Portugal.
National Geographic Portugal: Pepe Brix
The July issue of National Geographic magazine highlights the work of our researcher Leonardo Mata, for his research on the cultivation of red macroalgae capable of reducing the emission of greenhouse gases.
Aspeto das pradarias de Zostera marina em Portugal durante a maré baixa no verão (Créditos: Ana Alexandre – CCMAR)
In a recently published study (Functional Ecology) the researchers concluded that the effects of global change, particularly ocean warming, could benefit marine plants.
New study brought together over 30 world experts in the carbon captured by the ocean and coastal ecossystems.
In recent decades, sea surface temperature has been increasing says a CCMAR research team that recently published a comparative study that looks at the period between 1950 and 2010. Researchers found that even in each decade and...