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An important study conducted by our researchers relates, for the first time, the targets set by the Paris Agreement and North Atlantic commercial fisheries.
The main goal of this online event was to address and highlight themes related to the role of women in science. From Robotics to Medicine, were presented the projects developed by the 14 guest speakers.
In Portugal and in most EU and worldwide countries the information on the impact of climate change on exploited resources is inexistent. In this study, researchers studied the role of climate change in fisheries in Portugal.
During this week, we celebrated the National Science and Technology Week in collaboration with Ciência Viva , where we show our laboratories, the researchers who work there daily, their research and contributions to society.
Since the late 19th century, almost 30 per cent of known seagrass area across the world has been lost. Our researcher, Carmen Santos. coordinated one of the chapters of this report.
New study brought together over 30 world experts in the carbon captured by the ocean and coastal ecossystems.