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Technology Core Facilities

The Technology Core Facilities is the unit responsible for the management of the research services provided by CCMAR, including all CCMAR services within research infrastructures such as EMBRC.PT, and EMSO-PT.

To access these services, you should contact this unit (, indicating your needs and the research services you want to access. The team will evaluate your request and provide all the necessary support to fulfill it.

A special attention is given to the quality of the services provided, fast response time, affordable costs, and full integration into the objectives of CCMAR and the Applicant.

CTS is responsible for transmitting the rules and ensuring the integration of visitors and projects in the infrastructures program and helping with access to the facilities. It also ensures technical support, support in administrative and financial procedures, institutional protocols, licenses, or issues related to animal experimentation, safety, and intellectual property.

Each service is coordinated by the Service Technician, responsible for the daily operations and for ensuring total satisfaction in line with the R&D Groups.