SPAROS is a spin-off of the Centre of Marine Science (CCMAR) of the University of Algarve, founded in 2008, and dedicated to the development of new products and nutritional solutions for the aquaculture market (nutrition and feeding of fish and shrimp).    

Currently, SPAROS has a team of 24 members, of which 8 are PhDs and 7 are masters, with a solid scientific background and over 200 publications in specialized journals in the areas of nutrition and aquaculture. Also, the company has a solid network of national R&D collaborations (e.g. CCMAR, UTAD, IPMA, RIASEARCH, CIIMAR) which translates into the SANFEED doctoral program and several co-promotion RTD projects, and international ones which translate into several H2020 projects (e.g. MAGNIFICENT, GAIN, SEAFOODTOMORROW, PerformFISH, SMART-HATCHERY).

SPAROS activities are organized in two business areas: 

  • Industrial Research Services that include nutritional testing and food prototyping services provided to industrial partners. 
  • Commercial products for the aquaculture market with the HATCHERY FEEDS food range and the biomedical research market with ZEBRAFeed - food for zebrafish. SPAROS also has available for the aquaculture market, the FEEDNETICSTM and FiTTM tools that evaluate fish growth and environmental impact through a virtual environment, and the creation of customized feeding tables.

More information about Sparos HERE.