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Scientific Support

“Learning with the best”


We aim to support our candidates during their doctoral path with excellent supervision, to help them overcome obstacles and to assist them in planning their PhD experience. 
The relationship candidate-supervisors is a key feature of a PhD experience. Our Doctoral School has developed mechanisms to emphasize the collaborative nature of the supervision relationship and ensure that all are committed to each PhD project.
To overcome obstacles or achieve specific research goals that require more input from other research fields, we will activate the critical mass available within CCMAR and its extensive research network to give specific ‘coaching sessions’ when needed.
We will also help plan the research, career advancement activities and widening experiences that will take place during a PhD. This is an opportunity to establish research milestones, identify which career advancement activities best suit each candidate and explore the possibility for international collaborations and industry internships.




A PhD should start with a sincere discussion with the candidate and supervisors to set common goals, balance expectations and align ideas. We will facilitate this discussion through a statement of ambitions and expectations on PhD supervision.
Putting together a PhD Advisory Committee (PAC), gathering advisors with a diversity of backgrounds, seniority and expertise, is also encouraged and supported. This will help secure a balanced supervision while also creating a special relationship with multiple experts. PAC meetings should take place on a regular basis.


Coaching sessions

If a candidate becomes “stuck” along the way and needs expertise that the PAT does not gather, we will use our network to provide the advice needed.
PhD planning
Early in the PhD, we will help plan the doctoral path in order to meet whatever needs the candidate may have to become an excellent researcher (e.g. training activities, a specific internship or collaboration).


Download the necessary files here:

1) Expectation discussion form

2) Guidelines for creating your PAC

3) Supervision agreement form

4) Guidelines for organising your PAC meeting

5) Prepare your 1st PAC - content