Mission & Vision | - CCMAR -


To understand, protect and explore the potential of marine resources through multidisciplinary research, innovation and training.



A leading institution for the advancement of marine research, while delivering science to society and enabling sustainable development.



Dedicated to R&D in marine sciences, CCMAR aims to promote multidisciplinary research and education related with the marine environment, with emphasis on the processes of environmental change that affect marine ecosystems. This includes understanding the causes and consequences of these environmental changes and developing approaches to conserve and unlock the potential of living marine resources.



Strategically, CCMAR follows three main research lines: (1) Drivers, responses and tipping points in changing environments, (2) Management and conservation of marine resources and (3) Unlocking the potential of marine resources. CCMAR activities extend beyond scientific research to include advanced scientific training, collaborations with industry, meeting societal challenges and building bridges with international partners.