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How to submit your observations

Everyone can participate just by following some guidance regarding the submission of observations. As this project has an objective to contribute to the scientific knowledge on the distribution and abundance of these species, 5 key-points should be sent to have a complete observation:

  • A photograph so that the NEMA staff can verify the identification of the species;
  • Date of observation or capture of the specimen;
  • Location as exact as possible;
  • Capture method, observation or if the specimen was already found dead;
  • Include in the photograph an object that can be used as scale. If a ruler is not available, an easily measurable object by the NEMA staff can be used, as a coin or a bottle cap, can be included in the photograph. In last case, include your own hand in the photograph.

Any additional information is welcome, as depth of capture, water temperature, or sex of specimen. If the person sending the record is not the same as the person that observed or captured the specimen, please inform about the name and contact of the observer. As standard procedure, the original observer’s name is always associated with the record.

The observations can be sent to the NEMA campaign by 4 different communication channels:


A good example of a 5 stars observation, as sent by the observer Vasco Gomes:

  • Photograph:
  • Date: 17-01-2020
  • Location: 37º 04.818’ N / 008º 42.808’ W
  • Method: Gill nets
  • Scale: ruler



If you have any reservation regarding the publication of your name associated with the record, or the location of capture, please let us know when you submit your observation. We will add your information to our database, but maintaining the details anonymous in any publication or social media post. If you do not mention anything, we will assume you agree with making your observation public.