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Gopsis, Lda is a spin-off company from the Center for Marine Sciences (CCMAR) in the Algarve, which provides consultancy and research services in the área of aquaculture, biotechnology and commercialization of macroalgae. The company was created in 2018 to respond to an increasingly emerging market, but which still lacks specific knowledge, application of scientific research and innovation methods.

The main competences and tasks of Gopsis, Lda are to provide the knowledge and capacity to develop macroalgae cultivation systems (marine and freshwater) for the commercialization of different products for several industries (biofiltration industrial effluents, human and animal food, cosmetics and bioenergy), and to help partners to develop and prioritize research topics that attend the standards of scientific publications and, simultaneously, commercial objectives. During his academic career, the founder and researcher of our center Leonardo Mata, designed, developed and tested land-based cultivation systems (tanks) with different characteristics and volumes (> 300,000L), where he tested the cultivation of more than two dozen of macroalgae species with biotechnological potential, in Portugal and Australia.

Gopsis, Lda is qualified to provide a valuable contribution to those who wish to start cultivation of macroalgae for scientific or commercial purposes, through its bank of species of macroalgae and culture units with different volumes under laboratory-controlled conditions. Currently, Gopsis, Lda is working with a fish aquaculture company in Vietnam, to achieve for the first time the large-scale cultivation in the ocean of the red algae Asparagopsis spp. You can know more about this work HERE