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1ª Conferência de Biologia Marinha dos Países de Língua Portuguesa: Uma ponte entre mares
Um encontro para investigadores e interessados em Biologia Marinha, totalmente em língua portuguesa.
21st International Symposium on Microencapsulation
REGISTER NOW for the 21st International Symposium on Microencapsulation (27 - 29 September 2017), Gambelas Campus (Faro).
Male tilapia use signals in their pee to settle disputes and stimulate the sexual state of their contenders
Scientists from the Centre of Marine Sciences in Faro, Portugal, have discovered that that they use these pissing contests to reduce the use of violence in fights and also and stimulate the sexual state of their contenders.

Doctoral students

A PhD student at CCMar is assured a very competitive scientific environment in an institution with 300 members and over 150 PhDs holders. Currently there are around 40 PhD students working at CCMar.

CCMar offers their PhD students a wide array of equipment and scientific knowledge ranging from the study of biodiversity, climate change, marine ecosystems, fisheries, aquaculture, and oceanography. We also provide access to a wide array of international networks and infrastructures, which enlarge the access of all CCMar PhD students to facilities, equipment and services. Such infrastructures include the European Marine Biological Resource Centre (whose Portuguese leader is CCMar), Elixir and the European Marine Seafloor Observatory. Students will also have access to the CCMar Advanced Technology Training (ATT), a series of short, high level teaching, by an international teaching body.

More importantly CCMAR provides an efervescent rich studenty environement with highly motivated fellow students, jornal clubs, seminar organizations, an annual meeting, a PhD student provost, and very importantly, wide access to supervisors. And, of course, as a PhD student at CCMAR you would be living in the Algarve, one of the best places in Europe in terms of biodiversity, marine ecosystem access and sheer life quality.

CCMar will work with selected candidates to apply for fellowships. One such opportunity is the portuguese science foundation (FCT) which is the portuguese science body. A new call has opened, until the 31st of March 2017; CCMar scientists have been very successul in securing funds in the past.


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