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Career Advancement

“Fully preparing marine researchers”


Whether pursuing an academic, scientific or business oriented career, a researcher will need to master basic skills that are science-related but not scientific per se. They may need to manage a research project, speak in public or engage with industry. Our basic skills courses will prepare our candidates for their future professional challenges.

They may also need training to master specific research tools, methods, and procedures. We offer optional ‘Advanced Training’ courses on a regular basis. Finally, our scientific seminars are ideal settings to stimulate critical scientific thinking, foster networking and promote research opportunities.

Besides offering training activities, we will support our candidates career advancement through our Career Management Programme. This will help them plan which steps are needed to follow the career path of their choice and to finish their PhD with a future opportunity in view.




Basic skills courses

Short transferable skills courses that usually include certification or ECTS, which will add value to your curriculum vitae. Our basic skills courses offer:

• Project Management
• Access to Funding
• Science Communication
• Outreach and Awareness
• Scientific and Technical Communication
• Peer-reviewing
• Entrepreneurship
• Intellectual Property
• Technology Transfer
• Research Ethics


Advanced Training

Our offer includes technical courses that are often required to conduct research at CCMAR, such as scientific diving, statistic tools and animal research ethics. If a candidate has a specific training need, it may also be included in our courses offer.

Scientific Seminars

Short talks given by national and international collaborators researchers that aim to sharing scientific advances, knowledge and opportunities. These seminars are organized by a committee of at least three PhD candidates, which this way increase their research network and improve some basic skills.

Career Management Programme

This programme aims to support our PhD candidates in several activities such as applying for a post-doctoral research fellowship, developing a business idea and preparing a career development plan in view of future job applications.