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TitleKoolen-de Vries Syndrome: Clinical Report of an Adult and Literature Review.
Publication TypeJournal Article
AuthorsCiaccio, C, Dordoni, C, Ritelli, M, Colombi, M
Year of Publication2016
JournalCytogenet Genome Res
Date Published2016 Nov 17

Koolen-de Vries syndrome (KdS) is a rare genetic condition characterized by typical facial dysmorphisms, cardiac and renal defects, skeletal anomalies, developmental delay, and intellectual disability of variable level. It is caused by a 440-680-kb deletion in the 17q21.31 region, encompassing CRHR1, MAPT, IMP5, STH, and KANSL1, or by an intragenic KANSL1 mutation. The majority of the patients reported are pediatric or young adults, and long-term studies able to define the prognosis of the disease are lacking. Here, we report a patient in the fourth decade misdiagnosed in the past as classical Ehlers-Danlos syndrome for the presence of generalized joint hypermobility, who carried a 546-kb deletion in 17q21.31, and compare his phenotype with those of the few KdS adults (aged >18 years) described so far. We observed a favorable prognosis of epilepsy and cardiovascular signs and reduction of joint hypermobility with age, thus providing insight into the natural history of the disorder.



Alternate JournalCytogenet. Genome Res.
PubMed ID27852077
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