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Summer Shoal for the first time in Portugal


The Summer Shoal is a scientific retreat where the sessions were held outside in the garden, in a roundtable layout, under the shade of centennial trees and smelling the breeze of the ocean. This third edition was organized for the first time in Portugal.

Top international researchers, NGOs, decision-makers and industry representatives came from 12 countries to discuss cutting-edge issues in aquatic animals and our relation with them. From Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia came Prof Culum Brown, one of the most renowned scientists in fish behavior.  He was the invited plenary speaker, addressing fish intelligence and ethical implications for welfare. From New York University came Prof Becca Franks where she talked about future directions in positive welfare for farmed fish.

For the first time, a session on fisheries was also held, pointing at possible solutions to decrease the suffering of wild fish at the time of capture. The results of this meeting will directly influence the future of European laws and regulations towards fish.

This annual event was organised by CCMAR’s Fish Ethology and Welfare Group in collaboration with fair-fish international at Pedras del Rei, Algarve. The event was supported by CCDR Algarve through Programa Operacional Algarve 2020.

The reaction of participants was extremely positive to the scientific program. They liked the venue and the innovative format so much that next year the Summer Shoal 2020 is already booked to take place in Pedras del Rei once again.


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