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Summer internships entice young people to science


These days, in the laboratories of the Center for Marine Sciences of the Algarve (CCMAR), we can find, in addition to researchers and doctoral students, a dozen of young people from high school who decided to do one-month internships in many research areas.

Greedy for knowledge and often looking for an answer in their professional guidance, these young people are integrated into the research teams and carry out the usual tasks. Thus, they learn all the steps that are necessary for scientific research, from placing the hypothesis to finding answers.

In the 2020 edition, all students follow, in addition to the space safety rules, the rules imposed by DGS to stop COVID-19. For this reason, these internships are also a challenge for those responsible for managing space constraints, fulfilling social distance and, even so, proceed with the normal work.

Coming from Lisbon, Portimão and Faro, the twelve young people have been living since 15 July, a unique experience, particularly those who intend to be scientists in the future.

The activity ends at the end of this week and the balance is positive. The demand for internships exceeded all expectations and the seven available internships quickly ran out of places.