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Second Annual Meeting of the International Joint-Research Centre for Marine Sciences


The second annual meeting

On 21 and 22 November, CCMAR organized the second annual meeting of the International Joint Research Center for Marine Sciences at the Gambelas Campus of the University of the Algarve, with the presence of Jiale Li (vice president of Shanghai Ocean University), Paulo Águas (dean of the University of the Algarve), Liangbiao Chen (director of the Joint Research Center) and Adelino Canário (chairman of CCMAR and co-director of the Joint-Research Center). In order to extend the partners that constitute this international center, a new partnership protocol was signed at this meeting to include the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and the Atmosphere, represented by its president Miguel Miranda and Vice President Nuno Lourenço.

A center for China-Portugal cooperation

The International Joint Research Center for Marine Sciences was established in September 2017 in Shanghai to promote the cooperation between the University of the Algarve and the Shanghai Ocean University through innovative research, mobility of researchers and new joint research and training programs. It is a platform for cooperation and to enable collaborative scientific projects in several areas of common interest related to the marine sciences, including also polar sciences and climate change.

Research Opportunities

China, one of the oldest civilizations, is one of the largest economies in the world and one of the fastest growing in the last 40 years. It is already a world leader in many areas including science. In this way, researchers from UAlg and CCMAR can benefit from access to a highly transforming culture, with state-of-the-art infrastructure, but also with a young research community willing to interact with the international community. Students from both universities benefit from new opportunities. Just in the last semester, two dozen UAlg students benefited from short (one-day) and long-term (one semester) stays at SHOU and SHOU students and professors visited UAlg. This second meeting of the Joint Center was key to plan future activities, as well as to present several joint research projects of CCMAR-UAlg and SHOU and works developed in thesis and master's thesis, with the joint guidance of the two partner universities.