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Quality and food safety was the focus of an event for industries


What is being developed by researchers to improve food quality and safety? To answer this question, CCMAR organised a workshop on "Smart Labelling and Packaging Tools for Seafood Monitoring" for food production and distribution companies on the 7th and 9th of June.

The event aimed to showcase and promote the use of new technologies such as smart labels and packaging. These tools contribute to improving the monitoring of seafood quality and freshness such as fish, shellfish and bivalves.

In total, 50 participants were present: 18 from industry (aquaculture, seafood trade, technology and other food industries), 19 from academia and 13 students.

During the workshop, it was explained how smart labels operate, why it is important to have food quality control and how both consumers and industries need access to this type of information. A range of new technologies being developed in this area was also presented, among which the smart labels such as time and temperature indicators (TTI) or the new biosensors (such as "organic electronics") for monitoring seafood quality and safety.

The event was organized by our researchers Liliana Anjos, Patrícia Pinto, Youssef Elamine and Deborah Power from the Comparative Endocrinology and Integrative Biology group under the SEAFOODQual, ICHTHYS and MARTECH projects funded by PO MAR2020, Portugal2020, EU-FEAMP, H2020-MSCA-RISE-2019, CRESC Algarve 2020, EU-FEDR. The workshop was also supported by Theofania Tsironi from the Agricultural University of Athens (AUA), Greece.