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Postcard from Arendal, Norway


Our telemetry experts David Abecasis, Bárbara Horta e Costa and Inês Sousa went to Arendal, Norway to participate in the 5th International Conference on Fish Telemetry.


1. Why did you go to Arendal?

For the 5th International Conference on Fish Telemetry. The CCMAR team presented oral and poster communications on several projects (e.g. BECORV, INFORBIOMARES and MARSW). There were also some European Tracking Network meetings related with the COST action (David Abecasis is the leader of one of the working groups).


2. What was the highlight of your visit?

Besides the conference itself the boat trip on the “free” day was great. We had the chance to visit a nearby MPA where several acoustic telemetry studies take place and to see the beautiful fjords and islands that surround Arendal.


3. Does this visit open new opportunities for you and other CCMAR researchers?

I believe that all of us present at this conference came back with an enlarged network of potential collaborators. Some new ideas were already discussed, and some collaborations are expected to start soon.