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NVIDIA awarded Teresa Correia for her research project


Teresa Correia, a CCMAR researcher, applied to the NVIDIA Hardware Grant Program with the research project "Uncovering the secrets of marine fish with NVIDIA" and was successful! The researcher was awarded several NVIDIA GPUs (cutting-edge hardware for AI research), essential for the development of artificial intelligence solutions for image and data processing and analysis.

The winning project proposed the development of GPU-accelerated deep learning-based methods (a type of artificial intelligence, also used by robots or machines, to learn to perform tasks from large amounts of data) to considerably speed up image reconstructions and enable real-time 3D optical image projection. At CCMAR, we use 3D optical imaging tools, such as optical projection tomography - a tool used for three-dimensional imaging of very small biological samples. This technique has great prominence in medicine, the researcher's area of expertise, but now it will be applied in the marine world to study biological processes during the development of live fish larvae.

At CCMAR, Teresa created the Quantitative Bio-Imaging group, where with this equipment she will unveil the mysteries of marine organisms, but also develop research in Magnetic Resonance and Optical Imaging for applications in cardiovascular diseases and oncology.