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New project will highlight "Blue Forests”


Coastal ecosystems formed by macroalgae, seagrasses and saltmarshes, also known as blue forests, are amongst the most valuable ecosystems on earth. Despite their ecological, societal and economic importance, the benefits and values of these ecosystems are poorly grasped by the general public, particularly by decision-makers, the media, and surprisingly even among professionals whose livelihood directly depends on these ecosystems such as fishermen and maritime tourism professionals.

The Centre of Marine Sciences of the Algarve collaborates with the Norwegian partner's Grid Arendal and Ocean Alive organization on the new research project "Blue Forests Education", funded by EEA Grants, to address these issues. The project will develop education and training activities and materials for an audience ranging from university students to elementary school teachers, decision-makers and environmental authorities, media and maritime tourism professionals.

The project kicked off at the end of 2021, with the first meeting taking place on 26 November via zoom. With a multidisciplinary team, this project will develop digital tools, training actions, summer schools and capacity building actions for different target audiences to develop their skills and provide capacity-building about blue forests and the important services that these ecosystems provide for human well-being. Follow the development of these activities on the project page, here.