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New Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) equipment!


CCMAR has now available a new Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) equipment! Although there are some NMR equipment’s for chemistry in Portugal, between 35 to 40, this is the first one for chemical applications in Algarve.

Versatile, simple to parameterize, with high analytical capacity and high degree of automatism, this equipment came to respond to the high number of requests.

The equipment is mainly intended for routine studies of structural elucidation of organic and organometallic molecules, simple and complex, in samples in the liquid state, of marine origin or other sources.

NMR manages to “see” the nuclear spin of some atoms that make up the molecules. It can be used to determine the molecular structure of unknown compounds or verify known compounds.

In CCMAR it can be used in any research work involving the identification and/or quantification of unknown compounds. All the researchers from different fields and users from the education and industry sectors can use this equipment for their projects.