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New on Board: Térence Legrand


Tell us a bit about the work you are/will be doing at CCMAR. 
At the CCMAR, I am working with the Biodiversity Data Science research group on the connectivity of coastal species (in particular marine forests) at a global scale. In other words, my goal is to disentangle the role of dispersal through marine currents from other eco-evolutionary processes in explaining observed genetic diversity and structure.   


What were you doing before you joined us? 
I passed my PhD in Marseille, at the Mediterranean Institute of Oceanography between September 2018 and March 2022.  


What do you enjoy doing outside of work?
As I grew up in the Alps, I particularly like almost everything involving mountains (backcountry skiing, hiking, mushroom picking, bouldering, eating cheese, etc). During the 10 years, I spent near the Mediterranean for my university studies, I happily discovered scuba diving and snorkelling. Now that I am living in the Atlantic ocean, I will take the opportunity to surf!