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Hundreds of people attended European Researchers' Night 2021

The scenario for the 2021 edition was Marshopping Algarve, where the Centre for Marine Sciences (CCMAR) and six other research centres were present throughout the day and into the night. It is one of the largest events for the dissemination of science and a unique opportunity to make the work of our scientists known to the general public.
On the last Friday of September, the European Researchers' Night (ERA) takes place all over Europe. CCMAR joined other Centres at Mar Shopping Algarve, in Loulé, between 10am and 10pm, to promote activities and demonstrations, with the purpose of showing our work.
From climate change and its impact on the oceans, to the problem of microplastics, including an exhibition of corals, microscopy techniques and demonstrations on how to avoid food waste, there were several experimental activities that our team of 16 researchers and technicians took to the event, which was attended by hundreds of people.
In this edition, were present: Centre for Marine Sciences (CCMAR), Mediterranean Institute for Agriculture, Environment and Development, Centre for Marine and Environmental Research (CIMA), Olhão Pilot Fish Farming Station (EPPO Olhão), Centre for Research in Archaeology and Evolution of Human Behaviour (ICArEHB) and Collaborative and Association Laboratory for a Sustainable and Intelligent Aquaculture in Faro (S2AQUAcoLAB).


ERN2021 in Oeiras

CCMAR researchers who develop their work daily at IPMA, in Lisbon, also participated in NEI2021, but this time at Oeiras Marina.

At the stand set up for the visitors, our researchers showed how the Oceans are an important source of the Earth's Climate history. They were shown tools used in research that help scientists to reconstruct past climate and ecosystem variations and their impact on human life.
The European Researchers' Night in Oeiras was attended by several scientific institutions of the municipality, totalling more than 200 researchers involved, from 30 different institutions (scientific and educational). At the end of the day, the balance pointed to an average of one thousand visitors during the whole day of the action.
The two initiatives were organized under the REGGAE - Researchers for European Green Growth And Education project, whose theme focuses on environment and sustainability and is funded by the European Union through the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme, Marie Sklodowska-Curie (GA 101036079).