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How to turn your smartphone into a 3D microscope?


Science is wonderful, right? The proof of this is the activity that our researcher Teresa Correia prepared for high school students: "How to turn your smartphone into a 3D microscope?".

Designed for high school students between 15 and 18 years old, this activity shows how 3D microscopes work and how they are used in biomedical research. How? With the help of our researcher and their teachers, during 5 to 7 days, students will have the opportunity to learn different types of microscopy techniques, set up a 3D microscope using a LED light and their smartphone, and generate 3D images of gummy bears and marbles.

This activity takes place from November 10 to 26 and is part of the Science is Wonderful! program which aims to bring the world of science to primary and secondary schools across Europe. To access this activity, register in the Science is Wonderful 2021 program - HERE - and search for Teresa Correia's activity.