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Climate and past ocean changes discussed in Bergen


Our experts in paleoceanography and palaeoclimatology Dulce Oliveira, Teresa Rodrigues, Antje Voelker, Aline Mega and Montserrat Alonso Garcia went to Bergen, Norway to participate 14th edition of the International Conference on Paleoceanography (ICP), the first ICP held in the Nordic Countries. 


Why did we go to Bergen?
This conference brings together world experts and early career researchers in palaeoceanography who study past climate and ocean change over a range of time scales. We presented our latest results from several projects, for example, INDRA, CINNAMOW and Warm Worlds, and discussed with leading scientists and the next generation of researchers.


Expanding our networks and talking to potential collaborators.
The conference provided the opportunity to present and discuss new ideas while creating the ideal environment to foster conversations about current challenges and new scientific initiatives. Thus, our participation was a unique opportunity to understand the ongoing paleoceanography investigation on the history of the oceans and their role in climate change. This allowed us to enlarge our networks and discuss with potential collaborators.


We were able to visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site!
Besides the important discussions and networking with the palaeoceanographic community, we had the opportunity to visit the city of Bergen, including the UNESCO World Heritage site Bryggen, and see the breathtaking landscape of the fiords.