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Calling all experts in vitamin K-dependent Proteins!


Our leading researchers in the area of vitamin K and Vitamin K-Dependent proteins (VKDPs) in health and disease, with focus on chronic inflammatory diseases, Dina Simes and Carla Viegas, are the guest editors of a special issue of the International Journal of Molecular Sciences (Impact Factor 4.556) on this important research area.

This Special Issue is dedicated to highlighting recent advances in the field of VKDPs and vitamin K biology, providing novel molecular insights into their functional role in health and disease, and therapeutic and nutraceutical application. 

You can submit your articles/contributions until 30 June 2021 HERE.


About vitamin K:
Vitamin K (VK) is a multifunctional micronutrient with protective roles in many chronic inflammatory and age-related diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, chronic kidney disease (CKD), arthritis, neurodegenerative disorders, cancer, mobility disability and frailty, and more recently linked to COVID-19.

At CCMAR, Dina Simes PI and group leader of Functional Biochemistry and Proteomics (FBP) and Carla Viegas Research Assistant at FBP, have been developing preclinical and clinical studies to unveil biomarkers with clinical utility, and validate novel and natural therapeutic agents, with higher efficiency and lower toxicity, needed to prevent and treat chronic inflammatory diseases which are becoming more prevalent in an ageing society.