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Annual review: another year of Cientificamente Provável programme has come to an end


The 2023 edition of the Cientificamente Provável Program was once again a success! For the fourth consecutive year, our scientists visited several schools in the Algarve, to bring children and teenagers closer to marine sciences and to the research projects that are carried out at the Centre.

During the last school year, CCMAR collaborated with 12 schools, from different areas of the Algarve, from Faro to Vila do Bispo. More than 70 activities were carried out, with the participation of 2800 students from primary and secondary schools. These numbers are very encouraging, as it was possible to reach 500 more students and carry out 11 more activities than in the 2021/22 school year.

The themes of 2023 were very diverse, from aquaculture to marine biodiversity and object optics, as well as climate change and the impact of pollution on the environment. CCMAR scientists seek to stimulate students' scientific and critical thinking in a different way, by raising awareness to current problems and new advances in different scientific areas. To do this, they sometimes use less conventional objects, such as jellybeans or lasers.

Cientificamente Provável aims to promote knowledge and contribute to the educational enrichment of young people, establishing stronger relations between universities and primary and secondary schools, with the intermediation of the school libraries.

Cientificamente Provável is an outreach initiative promoted by the Secretary of State for Education and Science, through the school libraries network, and the Secretary of State for Science, Technology and Higher Education.