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Acronym Title Coordinator Start End Overall Budget Budget CCMAR
Warm Worlds Warm Worlds: Features and lessons from Past Interglacials “warm periods” during the last 1.5 Ma Teresa Rodrigues 09/2018 09/2021
INFLAMMAA INFLAMMAA – Unraveling the neuro-endocrine/immune modulatory roles of tryptophan during inflammation Cláudia Aragão 08/2018 07/2021 46.187,50k€
EMODnet European Marine Observation and Data Network Seabed Habitats Jorge Manuel dos Santos Gonçalves 05/2017 05/2019 50.000,00k€
InforBiomares InforBiomares Ester Serrão 02/2018 02/2020
Valor Mar Valorização Integral dos Recursos Marinhos: Potencial, Inovação Tecnológica e Novas Aplicações Sofia Engrola 10/2017 03/2021 88.026,00k€
MEDAid MEDAid - Mediterranean Aquaculture Integrated Development Sofia Engrola 05/2017 04/2021 90.203,00k€
FRUALGAE Sustainable technologies and methodologies to improve quality and extend product shelf life in the Mediterranean agro-food supply chain Deborah Power 06/2020 05/2023
Arraybida Multi-dimensional dynamics of an elasmobranch-assemblage in a marine park David Maria Aguiar Abecasis 11/2020 10/2023 115.092,00k€
FARFISH Improving knowledge and management of EU fisheries outside Europe, while contributing to sustainability and long-term profitability Karim Erzini 06/2017 05/2021 130.000,00k€
Greener Grazing A seaweed solution to reduce methane emissions from livestock Leonardo Mata 03/2018 03/2020 139.920,00k€