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Acronym Title Coordinator Start End Overall Budget Budget CCMAR
Wolfish Improvement of sperm quality indicators in spotted wolfish (Anarhichas minor) Elvira Fernandez 11/2020 02/2022 10,77k€
ENVIROPHYTE Improvement of the cost effectiveness of marine land based aquaculture facilities through use of Constructed Wetlands with Salicornia as na environmentally friendly biofilter and a valuabler by product. Rui Santos 11/2006 05/2009 128,60k€
FARFISH Improving knowledge and management of EU fisheries outside Europe, while contributing to sustainability and long-term profitability Karim Erzini 06/2017 05/2021 130.000,00k€
WISEFEED Improving sustainability and performance of aquafeeds — WiseFeed. Sofia Engrola 01/2016 12/2018 14,00k€
FINEFISH Improving sustainability of European fish aquaculture by control of malformations Adelino Vicente Mendonça Canario 10/2005 10/2009 182,20k€
RI-VIS Increasing visibility of research infrastrutures Adelino Vicente Mendonça Canario 02/2019
InDeGrass Indução de defesas anti-herbivoria em ervas marinhas. Begoña Martínez Crego 03/2014 06/2015
INFLAMMAA INFLAMMAA – Unraveling the neuro-endocrine/immune modulatory roles of tryptophan during inflammation Cláudia Aragão 08/2018 07/2021 46.187,50k€
InforBiomares InforBiomares Ester Serrão 02/2018 02/2020
MARSW Information and monitoring systems of the marine biodiversity of the Southwest Alentejo and Costa Vicentina Classified Areas Jorge Manuel dos Santos Gonçalves 03/2017 01/2020
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