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Portuguese consumers are willing to include weakfish, an invasive species, on their grocery list.
The researcher has won several NVIDIA GPUs, essential for the development of artificial intelligence in image and data processing and analysis.
For the third consecutive year, the CCMAR-Algarve brings science to schools through the Cientificamente Provável programme. This year we have already scheduled 25 lectures for about 1250 students.
Blue Forest Education, a new project of CCMAR, will educate and train different audiences on the importance of macroalgae, seagrass and saltmarshes.
CCMAR is one of the partners of this project that aims to fill gaps in data collection on marine biodiversity through omics.
The inclusion of plant ingredients (such as soy) in fish diets is increasing. However, these diets are limited in the amino acid methionine and require supplementation to fulfil fish nutritional needs.
In the most recent “Alert to Humanity”, a group of scientists led by our researcher Isabel Beltrán highlights the waste of natural resources on a global scale.
The international workshop MODEL-EDC created a forum for discussions between 18 experts in ecotoxicology and endocrine disruption and 35 participants to discuss current challenges.
Our researcher Teresa Correia has prepared a plan for high school students to create their own 3D microscope and learn the different microscopy techniques.