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The event brought together researchers, students, and guests from different areas of oceanography and was attended by several researchers and students from the CCMAR.
At this event, companies had the opportunity to learn about new technologies such as smart labels and packaging that improve the monitoring of seafood quality.
Sharing experiences and knowledge was the motto for the meeting where our researcher Ana Marçalo revealed some results of mitigation tests to reduce conflicts between fisheries and cetaceans.
The winning project, led by Jorge Gonçalves and Ana Marçalo researchers from CCMAR and the University of Algarve, aimed to reduce the conflicts between fisheries and protected marine species, especially dolphins.
In the 2022 edition, CCMAR collaborated with 10 schools from different schools of the Algarve, from Olhão to Portimão, where our researchers had contact with almost 2 250 primary and secondary school students.
For the second year, researchers from CCMAR at the University of the Algarve are appealing to citizens to help them identify large accumulations of algae appearing in the ocean or on beaches along the Portuguese coast.
Our researcher Marco Cerqueira was in India by invitation of the Fish Welfare Initiative to provide training for future animal welfare instructors in aquaculture.
The day was implemented in order to alert governments to the enhancement and conservation of seagrass meadows worldwide.
On this trip, our researchers presented the LittleFish-STP project which aims to study the little fish and capacitate local communities, fishermen and government about the management of this and other threatened fish species.