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Our marine biologist Rui Peres dos Santos wants to answer these and other questions, so he goes up and down the steps of the Santa Maria Farol three times a week.
Our researchers have found that the use of LED lighting in the production of microalgae increases the growth of their biomass, especially during the night.
Our researchers Adelino Canário and João Cardoso flew to Namibe to study the threats and possible contaminations of shellfish.
From Olhão to Viana do Castelo, during eight meetings, researchers explained the effects that climate change will have on the fisheries sector and fishermen reported what they already feel at sea.
The implementation of the "MPA Guide" in the Portuguese Marine Protected Areas and sharing views on this form of protection were the motives for the trip of our researchers to La Rochelle in France.
Through the science communication fellowship, our PhD student will create appealing digital content for the public, combining underwater footages and 3D animations.
The study led by our researchers has revealed that the Iberian populations of Porphyra red algae have the highest genetic diversity in Europe.
The nomination for this restricted institution is a recognition from the Academy's scientific community for the research career and curriculum of our researcher.
During this field trip, our researchers visited the facilities where will be kept the halibut broodstock with which they will work wit on the Breedflat project.