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Reduction of accidental catches of marine protected species in coastal fisheries in the Algarve: Innovation of Procedures and Mitigation Techniques.
An ambitious, one-of-a-kind project to produce a seaweed that when added to ruminant’s feed, significantly reduce the methane emissions from livestock digestion
1º  prize: João Neiva , Gone with the wind I
CCMAR celebrated 28 years of foundation and announced the winners of the scientific photography cotest with the aim of promoting and disseminating research stories.
The Museu do Mar Rei D. Carlos | CMC | FDL launched an exhibition entitled "Climate Change and the Oceans of Tomorrow" on the theme of climate change.
Francisco Leitão, Alexandra Teodósio and João Encarnação went to Quelimane, Moçambique to participate in the kickoff of the project BioFISH.
David Liittschwager has photographed the endangered seahorse in Ria Formosa and in our Ramalhete Marine Station
Adelino Canário and Deborah Power visited the Shanghai Ocean University in the context of a joint project on the Evolution of the Immune System of Antarctic Fishes. Find out more about this visit.
RESEARCH TREND ALERT: Now that eco-concerns have pushed the agenda towards sustainable aquaculture, it is time to address welfare in fish farming.
Our researchers Alexandra Teodósio and Vânia Baptista went to Angola for the kickoff of project LUANDAWATERFRONT. Find out more.